Letters Home from WWII

Pvt. Bratt in his full uniform. The photo was taken
in 1942, just months before he was to ship out.

In a postcard home to his wife, Private Kenneth Linnell Bratt wrote, "Not much in the way of news over hear [sic]. But I am still hear [sic]." He wrote this towards the end of his deployment. He had already taken part in two invasions, one into Algeria and the other into Sicily. He had already marched through North Africa witnessing triumphs and tragedies. He had just made his way through Sicily, forcing the enemy from their entrenched positions. Yet, Private Bratt wrote home only to express his love and that he was still alive.

The purpose of this website is two fold. The first is to explore the life and experiences of Private Kenneth Bratt. Who was he before he was assigned the title "Private"? Crossing the ocean with Private Bratt, the website will briefly detail his experiences in the "Fighting First" Infantry as they work their way through North Africa and into Sicily. The second purpose turns the focus onto Private Bratt's postcards home. With little to no small talk, the website will explain the extent of World War II's mail censorship. It will outline why it was done, how it was enacted, and showcase the results.