George Mason University offers a series of graduate courses on Digital History. This series, dubbed the Clio Wired series (a play on the Greek muse of history) introduces students to the theory, methods, skills and tools currently employed in the field. Clio Wired I and Clio Wired II are both required for all students enrolled in the PhD Program. Clio Wired III is not required but offers an introduction to programming for historians.

This digital portfolio is part of the Clio Wired II coursework, also known as History 697: Creating History in New Media. It's purpose is to showcase a series of projects focused on image and web design. First, the Typography project focuses on the development of a webpage around text, both as an element of information and as part of the aesthetic design. This is followed by the Image project which exhibits the historical images that have been edited using various image editing software. The Design Project moves the focuses the overall design and framwork of the webpage to a specific historial topic or time period. The Final project will bring together all the skills acquired in the course on a single historical topic of the students choosing. It will encompass multiple webpages to provide a narrative and analysis of the chosen topic.