Critiquing Ben’s Image Assignment

Benjamin Brand’s Image Assignment

Positive Feedback:

  • I liked the overall theme running through all of you images
  • Your experience of cropping the image of the 8th New York only to notice that you cropped out he only African America is an interesting narrative. ┬áThe restoration work you did on it was thorough.
  • I liked how you historicized your color choice for you re-colorization. It moved me to a better reaction when I looked at the uniform, knowing that you sought historical accuracy.
  • Your choice to apply a vignette to the image of Lincoln with his Generals was a good call, even if it didn’t turn out that well in practice.

Points of Improvement:

  • Your engraving could use some more work. There isn’t a major change between the original and the matted engraving. Perhaps a starker contrast and maybe applying a light hue of another color will provide a better output.
  • Your re-colorization could benefit from restoration work. It looks to be hampered down dust and scratches.
  • Your 8th New York restoration looks good. However, perhaps some attention could be given to lightening the image. It is difficult to see how much lightening you were able to apply but using contrast/brightness or other settings/filters/tools, you might be able to improve the contrast of the soldiers.

Good Job, Ben!

Critiquing Ben’s Image Assignment
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