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In Memoriam Brigham Young.jpg
A cartoon depicting 12 weeping women in large bed, with boots of Brigham Young at the foot and his hat at the head of the bed.

Political Cartoon--Mormon Polygamy.jpg
A political cartoon delivered in Puck Magazine, America's first successful humor magazine. It depicts a drunk man with blurred vision sees a number of women in his bed. He then comments that he is Mormon.

Religious Liberty is Guaranteed.jpg
A cartoon showing the religious liberty of the Capitol Building being threaten by reptilian invaders. The two reptiles are the Mormon Church and the Roman Catholic Church.

The Judge.jpg
Cartoon supporting Pres. Arthur's stand against Mormon polygamy. The caption reads "An unsightly object-who will take the axe and hew it down?"

The Mormon problem solved.jpg
Cartoon of Brigham Young telling Pres. Grant "I must submit to your laws - but what shall I do with these" (hundreds of wives and children); Grant replies: "Do as I do - give them offices"

Relay objection to Smoot.jpg
A cartoon of Reed Smoot as a puppet of the Mormon Menace.
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