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Political Cartoon--Mormon Polygamy.jpg
A political cartoon delivered in Puck Magazine, America's first successful humor magazine. It depicts a drunk man with blurred vision sees a number of women in his bed. He then comments that he is Mormon.

Religious Liberty is Guaranteed.jpg
A cartoon showing the religious liberty of the Capitol Building being threaten by reptilian invaders. The two reptiles are the Mormon Church and the Roman Catholic Church.

Relay objection to Smoot.jpg
A cartoon of Reed Smoot as a puppet of the Mormon Menace.

The Mormon problem solved.jpg
Cartoon of Brigham Young telling Pres. Grant "I must submit to your laws - but what shall I do with these" (hundreds of wives and children); Grant replies: "Do as I do - give them offices"

The Judge.jpg
Cartoon supporting Pres. Arthur's stand against Mormon polygamy. The caption reads "An unsightly object-who will take the axe and hew it down?"

In Memoriam Brigham Young.jpg
A cartoon depicting 12 weeping women in large bed, with boots of Brigham Young at the foot and his hat at the head of the bed.
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